WWE Smackdown 17.6.2011 Results

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WWE Smackdown 17.6.2011 Results  Empty WWE Smackdown 17.6.2011 Results

Post  Edge11 on Wed Jun 15, 2011 6:16 am

Smackdown (Airing Friday on SyFy):

* World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton comes out to open the show. HE says he has a concussion but that’s not going to stop him from beating Christian up at Capitol Punishment on Sunday. Teddy Long says due to his injury status, he will not allow Orton to compete tonight. Christian comes out and says Orton gave a good excuse and polled the crowd which got him heat. Sheamus comes out and he’ll face Christian later tonight. If Sheamus wins, he’ll get in the title match on Sunday, making it a triple-threat.

* Daniel Bryan, Ezekiel Jackson & Sin Cara vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett, Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes. Team Cara picks up the victory.

* Backstage, Sheamus says he will beat Christian tonight and he will win the World Heavyweight Championship at Capitol Punishment.

* Jinder Mahal b. Vladimir Kozlov

* Big Show comes out and says he’s here tonight because he heard a rumor that Alberto Del Rio might be here tonight. Teddy Long comes out and tells Show he will not lay a hand on Del Rio tonight if he shows up. Long has suitable competition of show…

* Big Show knocks out Mark Henry with the knock out punch and they do an injury angle with Henry, taking him out of the ringside area on a stretcher.

* Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes & Tamina vs. AJ, Natalya & Kaitlyn. Tamina picks up the win for her team after hitting a Samoan drop on AJ, followed by the pinfall.

* Backstage, Johnny Curtis says his debut is near and he’s going to be the ace in the hole. He pulls an Ace playing card out of a miniature golf hole setup.

* Backstage, Christian is upset he has to face Sheamus tonight. He says he doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone.

* The Usos b. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel

* Alberto Del Rio comes out for an in-ring segment. He says no one can stop him from winning the WWE Championship because it’s his destiny. He says he isn’t afraid of Big Show or anyone else. Del Rio proclaims he will dedicate his match against Show to Ricardo Rodriguez. He continues to taunt him until Big Show comes out and runs him out of the ring. Big Show goes nuts, tearing up the ring and ringside area as Del Rio looks shocked.

* Christian vs. Sheamus with World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton at ringside. Christian wins which keeps the Capitol Punishment match for the World Heavyweight Championship the way it is. Orton runs Christian off after the match. Orton goes back to the ring after running off Christian and punts Sheamus in the head. Christian looks on as the show ends.

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